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Barefoot Manager 11.0

It is record keeping system written specifically for equestrian professionals
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Barefoot Manager is a utility that helps you manage your business better, thus helping you manage your money and time. It is a record keeping system designed for equestrian professionals.
The utility has several sections: Accounts, Appointments, Clients, Contacts, Horses, Items, and Reports. In the Accounts section, you can issue documents and manage all the financial aspects of your business, such as invoices, payments, and records of expenses. The Appointments section helps you optimize costs by managing your daily, weekly, or monthly appointments (which are shown in clear and visual lists). While the Clients section helps you organize all the details related to your clients, including your whole business history with them. This section is similar to the Contacts section, which includes all your contacts with their full contact details. In the Horse section, you can organize all the details related to horses (including video or audio files), while in the Items section you can record and then trace all your acquisitions, the stock, and the profitability of your actions based on the history of your purchases and sales. Such history allows you to charge consistent prices for different items.

To remain in control of your business, you can also use all kinds of reports: periodical reports, sales/expenses reports, profit/loss reports, etc. All in all, the utility is a modern way to keep all the information organized in a clear and simple form; it offers you quick access to information anytime and enhances your relationship with your business partners.

Robert Vince
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  • It is a clear and efficient business tool with many useful features


  • The price is rather high
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